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Engine Reconditioning


Our aim is to provide you with a wide range of products and services and technical information. Engine reconditioning specialist and we excel at what we do from the smallest to the biggest and everything in between. All engines are reconditioned to the highest standards using Genuine Quality Parts & gaskets. We also build Petrol Engines Gear Boxes, Diesel Injection Pump, Diesel Injectors, Turbo Chargers, To suit you at a price you can afford and the warranty on our product is second to none.


Turbo Upgrade your Diesel Engine

We can upgrade almost any diesel engine, over the years we have turbo charged many diesel engines very successfully our tested and proven methods are working well. Piston protrusion set to the right height every block is surface ground to a very fine finish, the pistons and rings we use are of highest quality this is why we do warrant our turbo upgraded engines. When we upgrade and to turbo spec (APA spec) we also upgrade the fuel delivery system also modify the plunger setting our engines can safely boost without cracking the piston. On some engines we recommend to ceramic coat the crowns of the pistons.


Inside the engine


The YouTube video on the left is a set of 1 HDFTE pistons been prepped for deck height then after will be sent out for ceramic coating only the crowns will be coated. The height of the pistons has already been determent and the lathe is set to the right measurements the first piston you see starts half way this after setup the second you see will be the full cut. You will also see a piston top before ceramic coating then after ceramic coating you will also see some of the engine assembled please enjoy.


Video corner share your 4WD Adventure

This is my little adventure got stuck in the mud my 2 passengers got out no not me I did not want to get any mud on me. This corner is set aside for all the APA customers and Facebook friends to share their adventure so if you have a video of an adventure you would like to shear please up load it to our Facebook page and send me a message on Facebook I will post it here please enjoy.





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